1703595G1 AdTran NetVanta 1234P Ethernet Switch (New)


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Product Overview

Condition: NEW
Availability: Inventory Available - But May Be Limited

AdTran NetVanta 1234P Managed Layer 3 Lite Fast Ethernet Switch - PoE - 24 x 10/100Base-T access ports, 2 x combo 1000Base-T/SFP Gigabit Ethernet Ports and 2 x Enhanced (1Gbps/2.5Gbps) SFP port (1703595G1)

The NetVanta 1234P is a fully managed, Layer 3 Lite, 24-port Ethernet switch designed for fast, secure, cost-effective Ethernet switching. This scalable, full-featured business-class switch is perfect for VoIP applications by using robust Quality of Service (QoS) features and 802.3af Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities to power IP Phones, protecting the organization with advanced security capabilities, and ease of management with an easy to use Web-GUI.

  • Low cost, fully managed, 24-port Layer 3 Lite Power over Ethernet switch
  • Standards-based for ease of interoperability
  • Non-blocking switching capacity up to 18.8 Gbps
  • VoIP Setup Wizard for faster VoIP deployments
  • 802.3af and Legacy PoE
  • Non-blocking switching capacity up to 18.8 Gbps
  • Class of Service (CoS) for prioritizing VoIP traffic
  • 802.1D Spanning Tree and 802.1w Rapid Spanning Tree support
  • Segment LAN with up to 255 VLANs (802.1Q tagged or port-based)
  • Recognizable Command Line Interface (CLI) to reduce learning curve
  • Intuitive Web-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) with step-by-step setup wizards
  • Robust security features to protect against unauthorized users: RADIUS, TACACS+, MAC-based port security