Configure My Cisco

Cisco product installation and configuration is no trivial task, even for seasoned network engineers.

Forget spending hours reading the documentation - with our programming and pre-configuration services - solutions are now truly plug-and-play.

This is a very popular option for companies deploying appliances to remote locations. Save yourself the time of configuring your appliance by purchasing, it pre-configured from Get IT New.

Use the contact form below, or call our Cisco Professional team today for a Pre-configured quote.


Generic Cisco Programming Options
(All options listed are per unit/device)

If your equipment is not listed call for available services


Routers (ISR 1000 and 4000 Series)

Basic router configuration Internet Access (includes IOS update to golden release, static IP recommended)

Additional options available:

Load Balance and peer redundancy (2 identical models and IOS)
Dual ISP failover configuration
Layer 3 Routing / Static routes (limits apply)
Access Lists and security access (limits apply)
First Site to Site to any Cisco router - each additional Site requires an additional fee
Quarterly Maintenance Config backups, Security Updates. Minor Configuration Changes

Switches (Catalyst 2960X, 3650, 3850, 9200, 9300, 9400, 9500)

Basic switch configuration, (includes IOS update to golden release), Management Static IP, Data Vlan

Additional options available:

One Additional VLAN configuration. 3 or more up to 5 Vlans requires an additional fee
Dual Port Channel redundancy programming
Quarterly Maintenance Config backups, Security Updates. Minor Configuration Changes
Custom Programming call for quote

ASA Firewalls (5512X, 5515X, 5525X or lower) “NO Firepower Configuration”

New Basic firewall programming, (includes IOS and ASDM update to golden release), Ethernet 0 and 1 static ISP provided. Basic Nat configuration internet access. Re-Programming to new ISP migration requires an additional fee

Additional options available:

Access Lists and VLAN configuration up to 3
DMZ or additional Interface configuration (fee /each)
VPN configuration ipsec or anyconnect with up to 12 user’s accounts includes installation of anyconnect licensing
Over the 2 available standard with Cisco ASA (Purchased separately by client). Each additional 10 users requires and additional fee
Point to point configuration site to site to second ASA or Cisco Router (only)
Each additional Site-to-site connection:
Load balance and redundancy configuration for a pair of ASA (2 units) must be local and identical Models, IOS, and ASDM
Quarterly Maintenance Config backups, Security Updates. Minor Configuration Changes
New ISP configuration ASA only
New ISP to Router and ASA firewall applies to ASA behind Cisco routers

Wireless (Meraki and Aerohive)

Cloud setup up to 5 access points License may need to be purchased. Aerohive offers a free cloud limited options setup management:

Basic 2 SSID cloud configuration up to 5 Access points. Each additional access Points configuration requires an additional fee
Wireless Vlan configuration. Vlans on switches/routers/Firewall also available
Quarterly Maintenance Config backups, Security Updates. Minor Configuration Changes (up to 5 APs)

Please call for services on all other Cisco products including the Nexus and enterprise line.

On-site Installation, diagnostics and configuration available in all 48 States please inquire. To keep costs down we preconfigure all of the equipment either at our Florida or Massachusetts location.

Equipment will be shipped to your site either for remote access installation or engineer based install. Some complex jobs will require on-site installation to minimize down time and guarantee a successful execution. Please inquire for any services and details not covered by our generic price list. Documentation will be priced on an individual job basis. Discounts may apply for configuration and installation of multiple devices.

Our current networking clients can deduct 20% for each of the above services. First-Time client receive a 15% discount on the first invoice. Discount does NOT apply to Quarterly support contract. Standard on-site charges apply as needed.