IW3702-2E-B-K9 Cisco IW3700 Access Points, 2/2 Antenna Connectors (New)


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Condition: NEW
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Cisco Industrial Wireless 3700 Access Points - B Regulatory Domain - 2 antenna connectors on top and 2 antenna connectors on bottom for directly attaching external antennas (4 antenna connectors total) - Qualified for extreme industrial and outdoor environments - Compact but rugged IP67-rated housing - Dual-band 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz radios with 802.11ac Wave 1 support on the 5-GHz radio - 4 x 4 MIMO with 3 spatial streams (IW3702-2E-B-K9)

The Cisco Industrial Wireless 3700 (IW3700) Series Access Points deliver industry-leading performance and a high-density experience for industrial and outdoor use. The IW3700 offers industrial-grade environmental qualifications while providing higher speeds for video and other bandwidth-intensive applications and extending support to a new generation of Wi-Fi clients, such as smartphones, tablets, and high-performance laptops that have integrated 802.11ac support.

In its first implementation, 802.11ac Wave 1 provides a rate of up to 1.3 Gbps, roughly triple the rates offered by high-end 802.11n access points. This provides the necessary foundation for industrial, enterprise, and service provider networks to stay ahead of the performance, and bandwidth expectations and needs of their wireless users.

Due to its convenience, wireless access is increasingly the preferred form of network connectivity for industrial users. Along with this shift, there is an expectation that wireless should not slow down users' day-to-day work but should enable a high- performance experience while allowing users to move freely around the corporate environment.

The IW3700 offers a scalable and secure mesh architecture for high-performance Wi-Fi services, and can also serve as an advanced static or mobile Workgroup Bridge (WGB).