MR42-HW Cisco Meraki MR42 Dual-band, 802.11ac Wave 2 Access Point, Indoor WiFi 5 (New)


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Product Overview

Condition: NEW
Manufacturer Part #: MR42-HW
End of Life / Last Day Of Support: July 21, 2026
Replacement Part: MR44-HW

Cisco Meraki MR42 Dual-band 802.11ac Wave 2 access point - Integrated omni-directional antennas - 802.11ac Wave 2 for campus and enterprise, with external antenna option - 3x3:3 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2 - 1.9 Gbps aggregate dual-band frame rate - 24x7 real-time WIDS/WIPS and spectrum analytics via dedicated third radio - Integrated Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon and scanning radio - Full-time WiFi location tracking via dedicated 3rd radio - Optimized for voice and video - Sleek, low-profile design blends into office environments - PoE or DC powered, Power over Ethernet injector and DC adapter sold separately

The Cisco Meraki MR42 is a four radio, cloud-managed 3x3 MU-MIMO 802.11ac Wave 2 access point. Designed for next-generation deployments in offices, schools, hospitals, shops, and hotels, the MR42 offers performance, security, and simple management.

The MR42 provides a maximum 1.9 Gbps frame rate with concurrent 802.11ac Wave 2 and 802.11n 3x3:3 MIMO radios. A dedicated third radio provides real-time WIDS/WIPS with automated RF optimization. In addition, an integrated fourth radio delivers Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) scanning and Beaconing functionality.

With a combination of cloud management, high perfomance hardware, multiple radios, and advanced software features, the MR42 makes an outstanding platform for the most demanding of uses today and tomorrow. These uses include high-density deployments and support for applications like voice and high-definition video.

Management of the MR42 is handled through the Meraki cloud, enabling rapid deployment across multiple sites without the need for time-consuming training or costly certifications. Since the MR42 is self-configuring and managed over the web, it can be deployed at a remote location in a matter of minutes, even without on-site IT staff.

24/7 monitoring via the Meraki cloud delivers real-time alerts if the network encounters problems. Remote diagnostic tools enable immediate troubleshooting over the web, meaning multi-site, distributed networks can be easily managed.

The MR42's firmware is automatically kept up to date via the cloud. New features, bug fixes, and enhancements are delivered seamlessly over the web. This means no manual software updates to download or missing security patches to worry about.