CS-T10-TS-G-K9 Cisco Webex Room Navigator Control Unit, Table Stand, Grey (New)


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Cisco Webex Room Navigator Touch Controller - Table stand version - Grey - 10.1 inch diagonal touch display - 1920 x 1200 resolution - compatibale with the Webex Room and Webex Board Series (CS-T10-TS-K9)

The table-stand model of Webex Room Navigator is a 10-inch touch display that allows you to intuitively control your Webex collaboration devices, check workspace availability and book a meeting room, control room peripherals, and run third-party applications for wayfinding, space reservation, digital signage and other workspace experience workflows.

This touch-based unit was designed to create uninterrupted workflows and help maximize the utilization of your collaboration spaces while delivering these experiences in a way that is scalable, secure and easy to manage.

Webex Room Navigator for table is a versatile device that combines controls, an intuitive display and sensors into an elegant touch panel. It can be either configured as a room control device or a room booking unit within meeting rooms.