C9800-DC-950W Cisco Catalyst Wireless Controller DC Power Supply, 950 watt, Redundant (New)


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Cisco Power supply - hot-plug / redundant (plug-in module) - DC - 950 Watt - for Catalyst 9800-80 Wireless Controller (C9800-DC-950W)

The Cisco Power Entry Module (PEM) provides redundant power to the system, and the 9800-80 can operate continuously with only a single PEM installed. The PEMs are hot-swappable, and replacement of a single PEM can be made without power interruption to the system. All external connections to the PEMs are made from the rear panel of the chassis, and they are removed or inserted from the rear. The main power switch for the unit is located directly next to the PEMs on the rear of the chassis.